If you care about what you put into your body --- naturally you care about what you put on your skin --- and your skin will thank you for it!

Sun Burn

Sun Burn

Summer is almost over, yet the sun is still strong. What should we do when we are over exposed to the sun? Over exposure causes burn, if your skin is burned, the first thing you need to do is COOL IT DOWN.  

Cool it down with a cold compress; an old remedy is to put potatoes on the burn which in turn would relieve the pain. Grate the washed potato (preferably kept in the refrigerator to make it cold), save the liquid from it, or you can use a blender to make a paste then soak the gauze and lay it over your burnt area.  

When I was little I was staying with my grandparent during a winter vacation and I accidentally touched the stove with my leg and was severely burned,  my grandma immediately grated a potato and applied it to the burn area, then she wrapped it around with saran wrap.  And I was soon healed and I had no scar.

For minor sun burns, again cool it down with a cold compress.  Milk or plain cultured yogurt also works. Follow with hydrating moisturizer. I recommend INSOO Intense Repair Oil which is one of my favorite products which can be purchased here.  Secondly, hydrate by drinking plenty of water, it's also a good idea to start taking a Vitamin C supplement.   

I read an article about a French woman who started taking Beta carotene and Vitamin E supplement just before going on her summer vacation in order to prevent her skin from aging due to sun exposure.  

Remember, sun exposure is the number one cause of aging.  Protect by using sun tan lotion with a high SPF, or even a hat -- or anyway you can.  

Beautiful skin begins with good habits and good products are a must.

Negative Effects of Excess Exfoliation

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